Understanding the chasing tendencies of your chasing puppy

One of the most disturbing and difficult issues that most puppy owners face is the problem of chasing. A dog, and he is naturally inclined to do that, loves chasing. Throw a paper or roll a ball, and your puppy might just run after it with enthusiasm, grab it by his mouth and bring it back to you. This much of chasing tendency can be linked to his playful nature and is as harmless as you think. A chasing puppy spells trouble when he is chasing after every moving object that crosses his vision.


Owners of puppies with random chasing inclinations say that it is really difficult to even take them out for a walk, as they run behind cars, bicycles, joggers and even children.  Before trying to control this behavior tendency, it is important to understand the source of it. If your dog belongs to a herding or hunting breed, then he might be naturally predisposed to chase and run. This motivation lies hidden in his nature. This kind of situation is challenging enough for the owner to control.


In other cases, a chasing puppy reacts to external stimulations. This can be more effectively controlled. Professional help, guidance and training are available to stop chasing tendencies in puppies.


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