Tips for crate training the puppies

Crate training for puppies is considered cruel by many people. But the reason is they do not know how to crate train the puppies in a proper way. When the crate is used properly the puppies enjoy their den. Let us see few tips for crate training for puppies.

Do not use the crate for punishing your puppies.  It should be thought of like a great place by the puppies. You can place the puppy in the crate when he did some naughty thing but you should stay with him. You should not leave your puppy in the crate all through the day. They should be allowed to spend time with your family members. He becomes dull if he is placed in the den all the day.

We should make the crate comfortable to the puppy. So that he feels secure and comfortable. We should place some treats, toys, fresh water or so. But the meals are to be provided outside. If your dog is naughty like jumping up at others, then place him in the crate. When ever he jumps he should be placed inside. So this makes him know that every time he jumps on he will be punished by placing inside the crate. So this stops him from jumping again.


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