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Dogs eat poop- what the owners should do

A dog’s eating habits are developed by the masters. They give them the best dog food available in the market to keep it healthy. They see that they don’t eat any waste of other animals or its own waste. Eating feces is the natural habit of dog as they were the scavengers before they were taken as pet animals. There are many reasons for this habit which is otherwise called as coprophagia. Why dogs eat poop is better explained by the dog trainers and veterinarians.

There are many reasons for this. The dogs may be imitating the habit of other dogs. It may be the instinct behavior of the dog. When it sees its master cleaning up the feces it may also do that by consuming its own feces. It eats poop as there may be a lack of nutrients in the food supplied by the dog owner. It may be because of the existence of parasites in their body. All these can be the reasons for this undesirable habit of a dog.

When the dog owners notice that their dogs eat poop, they should immediately seek the advice of dog trainers or the doctors.


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