Why is it necessary to stop puppies from biting?

Once a puppy is adopted the first and foremost thing is to stop puppies from biting ones fingers, or things at home like shoes or furniture etc. This is very important because if this is not taught in the initial days of the pup’s life it could lead to disastrous effects in later days. People might get hurt or even the valuables at home are bound to get destroyed. As in the case of any pet, training the puppies at a young age would require less effort and time from the owner and the training is also received better at this age.


Once into the habit it can be very difficult to stop puppies from biting. Nevertheless, an expert advice can still be of help.  If biting still continues once the puppy is grown up dog training sessions might be of some help. Children get attached to puppies very quickly and can find a friend in them. Hence for families with small children it is even more important to get the training done. With proper training given to stop puppies from biting one can expect a healthy long term relationship with their dogs.



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