Schutzhund trained dogs – The sources of training

Incidentally, Schutzhund is a form of training that was primarily used by Germans to test if the German Shepherds were suitable as police dogs. Now all breeds of dogs apart from the German Shepherds are checked but there are very few numbers that actually get through. The training techniques are very strict and Schutzhund trained dogs are expected to know a great number of skills including obedience, tracking, retrieving, attack and protection. If the dog is of the right size and is properly trained it has the ability to kill a person on command and stop when commanded to.


Previously Schutzhund trained dogs were sent to knowledgeable dog trainers who specialized in this type of training. This means that role of the dog owner was very little in the training procedure. And then, literature was available in the form of training books and pamphlets.


Presently, the best source of this type of training is the internet and is available in DVD format. Purchasing a DVD is the first step for the making of Schutzhund trained dogs, currently. There is also a lot of related information provided through a number of dog training websites online.

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